Support Services Division

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Support Services Division (SSD)

The Support Services Division is comprised of the critical infrastructure components of the Department that include the Body Worn Camera Program, Management Information Systems (MIS), Special Events and Extra-Duty, Facilities-Maintenance, Records Management, the Property Unit, Fleet, and the Red Light Camera Program.

Additionally, all Special Response Teams fall under the purview of the Division. Those teams include SWAT, Crisis Negotiations, Emergency Response, Underwater Search and Recovery, and the Explosive Materials Unit.  

Management Information Systems (MIS)

This unit is the most critical infrastructure component in the agency as every division is reliant upon technology to facilitate their daily operations. The Sarasota Police Department’s MIS unit is a full-service unit staffed with highly skilled and highly motivated Information Technology professionals, who are specialized in the nuances of criminal justice and law enforcement systems. 

Crisis Negotiations Unit (CNU)

The Crisis Negotiations Unit (CNU) is comprised of highly trained officers tasked with responding to critical incidents involving hostage takers, barricaded subjects, suicidal persons, or other crisis intervention situations, in which the skills of negotiators would be of benefit.

The main objective of CNU is to protect hostages, innocent citizens, people in crisis, and the perpetrator(s), with an emphasis on de-escalation and by encouraging a safe and peaceful resolution to all incidents. It is the policy of the Sarasota Police Department that, in critical incidents involving hostages, suicidal persons, and barricaded subjects, every reasonable and available effort will be made to establish negotiations of such situations to seek a peaceful resolution.

Emergency Response Team (ERT)

The SPD Emergency Response Team consists of 12 officers and led by a Team Leader. The Emergency Response Team responds to many types of incidents to include, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Civil Unrest, Tactical First-In Team (natural disasters), relief support for other law enforcement units, assisting in locating missing persons and/or evidence, and any other situation as directed by the Special Response Commander.

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

The Sarasota Police Department provides the community an added layer of public safety by fielding a SWAT team. The team is comprised of twenty specially trained law enforcement professionals, whose main objective is the preservation of life during high-risk operations and during the resolution of critical incidents. SPD SWAT adheres to national best practices and standards outlined by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA). The SWAT team is supported by four full-time paramedics from the Sarasota County Fire Department, who deploy with the team during critical incidents.

Underwater Search and Recovery Team

This team, also known as the Dive Team, provides for the availability of a specially trained unit capable of responding to emergencies and other situations occurring within jurisdictional waterways where the use of rescue divers may be needed. The team works in conjunction with the Marine Unit and has a critical role during the many special events that take place in Sarasota on or near the water throughout the year.

Explosive Materials Unit (EMU)

The EMU consists of 5 specially trained officers who respond to calls where a suspected explosive device has been located to render safe the device or stabilize it and transport it to a safe location for disposal. EMU Technicians are accredited by the FBI and adhere to strict training and qualification standards. Members are also cross-trained in hazardous materials response and work in conjunction with the Canine Explosive Detection Unit.


The Sarasota Police Department allows, under certain conditions, for its officers to work extra duty assignments. These assignments must meet the criteria and guidelines set by the Sarasota Police Department and City rules, in addition to Florida State Statutes 493, 112, 561. For more information regarding extra duty assignments, contact the extra duty assignment coordinator at (941) 263-6016 or 

Special Events

The City of Sarasota is a major travel destination for visitors from around the world, renowned for its cultural and environmental amenities, beaches, and resorts. Sarasota was ranked the No. 1 best place to retire in the U.S. on U.S. News and World Report’s 2020-2021 list of “Best Places to Retire in the U.S.,” as well as No. 16 in U.S. News’ list of “Best Places to Live in the U.S.” This makes Sarasota a major venue for a wide range of year-round special events, including national level political visits, conventions, concerts, sporting events, and cultural engagements. The City of Sarasota touts the “Big 12,” which are city-sponsored annual events that include the New Year’s Eve Celebration/Pineapple Drop and Fireworks, Holiday Parade, Veteran’s Day Parade, Memorial Day Parade, July 4th Fireworks, Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix Boat Races, Downtown Boat Block Party, Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, Boat Parade of Lights, and St. Armands Holiday Night of Lights.

The SPD Special Events lieutenant and coordinator are responsible for the planning, implementation, and analysis of police services required to maintain public safety for residents and visitors who attend these special events in the City of Sarasota, as well as reviewing permits required for street and sidewalk closures, as demonstration/assembly permits. The staff interacts with event sponsors for pre-event planning and assessment of the staffing requirements, documentation, and post-event analysis.

For more information regarding obtaining a special event permit, contact the City of Sarasota special events permitting office at 941-263-6283 or Special


The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for overseeing all items that come into the possession of the Sarasota Police Department. The evidence section and its personnel are accountable for:

  • The receipt, cataloging, and storage of all items collected by members of the Department
  • Controlling the temporary release of items going for processing/testing, to court or for investigative purposes
  • Meeting with attorneys for the purpose of viewing evidence prior to trial and making copies of video or audio tapes as requested
  • Release of property to the rightful owner, or as authorized by the State Attorney’s Office or court order, or disposal of items per Florida State Statute
  • Case research and destruction of property, to include narcotics and weapons, which have cleared the Judicial process
  • Overseeing the collection of seizure fees and release of vehicles under City Code 33-271, as well as collection of fees and release of articles under City Code 21-128.
  • Hours of operation, Monday - Friday 8am-4pm.  This unit is closed to public on Wednesday’s.


Any public records request may be made to the Sarasota Police Department. There are several ways it can be done.  When requesting a report, please include as much information as possible, including the case number, date, location, and type of incident.