Professional Standards Division

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Professional Standards Division

The Professional Standards Division is comprised of the Internal Affairs and Complaints Section, the Training Unit, Crime Prevention, the Accreditation Unit, and Backgrounds and Recruiting. 

Internal Affairs and Complaints Section (IAC)

The IAC Section is staffed with one Sergeant and two Detectives.  The IAC Section receives all internal and external complaints made against members of the agency.  All investigations are thoroughly and objectively investigated, and the goal of the IAC Section is to equally maintain community and employee trust through accessibility, transparency, and integrity.  In furtherance of this goal, IAC staff participate in monthly meetings of the Police Complaint Committee (PCC). The PCC serves as an independent oversight component and assists the Chief of Police with the policies, practices and procedures concerning the processing of complaints against SPD police officers.   

Training Unit

The Training Unit is staffed with one Sergeant and two Officers.  The Training Unit’s primary responsibility is the coordination of all training for sworn personnel.  The Training Unit is responsible for the initial training of newly hired police officers.  This consists of an Agency Specific Training (AST).  AST is six weeks of rigorous training to familiarize new officers with SPD policy/procedure, high liability certifications, and Crisis Intervention Training.  The Training Unit then coordinates the 14-week Field Training and Evaluation Program all officer candidates must successfully complete. 

In addition to these responsibilities, the Training Unit provides on-going in-service training in order to provide instruction on the current best practices in policing as well as conduct mandatory recertification.

Crime Prevention

The Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) is currently staffed with one officer.  The CPU’s responsibilities include maintaining a liaison with community groups, organizations, and businesses in an effort to identify mutual problems and community needs, identify police service needs for the community, obtain community feedback, and exchange information.  In addition, the CPU conducts analyses of construction projects and existing structures through a process known as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.  These analyses are used to identify and mitigate environmental weaknesses and provide recommendations to reduce the potential for crime. 

Accreditation Unit

Accreditation is the certification by an independent reviewing authority which determines that an entity has met specific requirements and prescribed standards. 

The Accreditation Manager is responsible for maintaining files on 239 mandatory and voluntary standards that prove the department’s compliance with the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation.

Backgrounds and Recruiting

The Backgrounds and Recruiting is staffed by two recruiters, Enrique Nazario and Jack Carter, who actively seek qualified candidates to become SPD members.  For persons interested in seeking to join the SPD family, please apply at: